Bad News Regarding MeetCheap 2020 Webinar Software-Review

MeetCheap Webinar Software
Certainly, with the latest functionality added to MeetCheap and the latest 2020 Special Offers, this is bad news for the competition.
MeetCheap has updated to new technology in a HTML5 format resulting in absolutely no downloads or installs. Simply clicking on a link is all that is required, thus making your  web conferencing a great experience.

This webinar system operates on it’s own data center, cutting out and eliminating third party technology and support, with 100% redundancy and operations without delay and failures. There is excellent customer support readily available with technical engineers on hand to assist as well.

This webinar technology offers a point and click web conferencing platform that has as eliminated downloads and installs. This results in a system that is user friendly and very quick to start up for attendees joining a live video broadcast call. This service has a simple interface, video tutorials and excellent support, resulting in a great web conferencing experience.

One of the most important things that separates this webinar software from any competition is that it includes over 30 top features and functions. Designed to run a very impressive live broadcast call as well as streaming video, desk top sharing and file sharing, it has all aspects covered. This webinar software gives your audience a great first impression.

All paid accounts, can host and run unlimited amount of live broadcast calls. You can present your live broadcast for a 24 hour period for as many days as needed with no restrictions. All conferencing packages come with unlimited usage and with the ability to live stream to Facebook, that can increase attendee numbers and engagement!

We started using this web conferencing tool in our business in 2019 and have been happy with its functionality, client service and pricing.